Thermal Fuses

  • SDF (15 Amp 250V)

    SDF (15 Amp 250V)

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    The SDF Thermal Cut-Offs (Organic Thermal Element Type) are used to prevent fires caused by abnormal heat generation from circuits and other heat producing electrical products. They are a non-resettable thermal fuse which open electrical contacts when temperatures exceed the specified level.


    Electric home appliances and heating devices, Coil-winding products and power supplies, Office equipment and telecommunication devices, Automobiles & other electronic components.

  • Thermal Cut-Off

    Thermal Cut-Off

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    Thermal fuses are components which will automatically open a circuit and switch off an appliance, if the permissible operating temperature of the appliance is exceeded. The response temperature can only be set by the manufacturer. In order to repair the circuit, the complete thermal fuse must be replaced. Thermal fuses have a solid, dust and dirt- tight housing. They react to ambient temperature and are generally insensitive to current at rated levels.


    Coffee machines, Hand driers, Information technology, Motors, Cookers, Gas heaters, Extractor hoods, Transformers, Stoves, Boilers, Ventilators, Computers, Choker Grills, Hot water appliances, Radio & TV's, Laboratory equipment, Coils, Fryers, Hair applia

  • H101


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    H101(710°C / 1,328°F)


    High Temperature Equipment, Wave Soldering, Commercial Ovens, Laboratory Equipment, Food Service