How to Choose and Work with NTC Thermistors

NTC & PTC Thermistors

  • MF72


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    Power NTC Thermistor

    The MF72 series Power NTC Thermistors provide inrush current suppression for sensitive electronics. Connecting a MF72 in series with the power source will limit the current surges typically created at turn on. Once the circuit is energized the resistance of the MF72 will decrease rapidly to a very low value, power consumption can be ignored and there will be no effect on normal operating current. Using the MF72 Power NTC Thermistor is a most cost-effective way to curb surge current and protect sensitive electronics from damage.


    Can be installed into the power circuits of:
    • Power supplies and inverters
    • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
    • Energy saving lamps
    • Electronic Ballasts
    • Filament Protection of various types of lamps
    • Some types of heaters

  • PTC Thermistors

    PTC Thermistors

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    PTC thermistors act as thermal protectors for electrical motors. They are available with or without an insulated sleeve and have flexible connecting leads. PTC thermistors have a non-linear resistance/temperature response. At a specified temperature the resistance changes rapidly to a very high value.

    • Rapid response protection for electrical machines 

    • Compact size for easy assembly into windings 

    • Silvered copper leads


    Motor Protection and Electronics.

  • TS3


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    Thermal Sensor MOXIE®

    Moxies are a family of, variable resistance thermal sensors having a highly specific "transition region." Within this transition region the devices typically exhibit a negative temperature coefficient ranging from 40% per °C to 200% per °C. Below the transition region they exhibit a linear "thermistor" characteristic of -2 to -4%/°C.


    Sensors for temperature protection, control and limiting. Voltage, current and frequency limiters in electronics.
    Examples: Overtemperature protector for power semi-conductors, such as transistors, power output stages, amplifiers.

  • MF11


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    Temperature Compensation NTC Thermistor. The MF11 series of NTC Thermistors is designed for temperature measurement and the temperature compensation of measurement instruments and electronic circuits.


    • Temperature Measurement
    • Temperature Compensation of Electronic Circuits.

  • MF51E


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    High Precision NTC Thermistors for Extremely Accurate Temperature Measurement
    The MF51E NTC Thermistors were specially designed for use in electronic thermometers which require better than average accuracy. The extremely small size allows the thermistor to respond very quickly to tiny changes in temperature. The MF51E can be supplied un-calibrated with standard tolerances or calibrated and grouped according to R at 37°C±0.01% for extreme interchangeability so as to eliminate the need for other calibrations.


    • Electronic Thermometers
    • Medical Equipment and Patient Monitoring

  •  NTC Thermistor

    Chip NTC Thermistor




    Temperature compensation of IC, LCD
    Crystal oscillator of mobile communications equipments
    Temperature sensor for rechargeable batteries
    Temperature sensor for CPU
    Temperature compensation of several kind

  • MF52


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    Pearl-Shaped Precision NTC Thermistor for Temperature Measurement
    The MF52 series of Pearl-Shaped NTC Thermistors is ethoxyline resin coated. The small size is made possible by new materials and manufacturing methods which provide the benefit of close tolerances and fast response. MF52 thermistors are available with 5 lead styles in standard or custom lengths.


    Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
    • Temperature Regulation and Measurement
    • Electronic Thermometers
    • Liquid Level Sensing
    • Automotive Electronics
    • Medical Equipment and Apparatus
    • Battery Packs and Portable Electronics

  • MF58


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    Glass Shell Precision NTC Thermistors The MF58 is a NTC thermistor which is manufactured using a combination of ceramic and semiconductor techniques. It is equipped with tinned axial leads and then wrapped with purified glass.


    • Household Appliances
    • Office Equipment
    • Industrial
    • Liquid Level Detection
    • Mobile Phone Battery
    • Integrated Circuits

  • CWF


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    CWF Precision NTC Thermistor Probes for Temperature Measurement. The CWF series NTC Thermistors are supplied in 5 basic styles of enclosures designed to facilitate installation in a wide variety of applications. PVC leads are applied to a precision, high-reliability NTC thermistor, insulated with heat conductive water resistant materials and potted into any of a wide variety of probe bodies. CWF thermistors are also available with custom housings or custom lead lengths for remote sensing and temperature control in difficult conditions. Also see the Cantherm Thermistor Probe section for additional models.


    • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
    • Temperature Regulation and Measurement
    • Automotive Electronics
    • Water Heaters
    • Household Appliances such as refrigerators, water coolers, dishwashers and many others