Each Cantherm/Microtherm product is tested before leaving our factory. Depending on the particular model switch that you have purchased, they have either been tested for response temperature on a sample batch basis based on AQL 2.5 level I, or tested on a 100% basis. The pill type thermal protectors (F, B, T) are tested 100% and each device is selected and categorized into the appropriate temperature range and tolerance; the A and D series thermal cutouts are batch tested as per the above level of ANSI Z1.4 – 1993 (was MIL-STD-105-E). The methods vary depending on the type but both the pill and open type thermostats are currently tested in an air oven equipped with 800 individually computer monitored positions from which we record the set and if required the reset temperature of each device. This oven is also used to perform the sample testing on the A & D types. The pill type thermostats can also be tested using specially designed machinery which monitors the contact state after passing over each of a series of temperature controlled plates.