What is a control thermostat?

A thermal controller is a precision thermostat which is designed to maintain the temperature of a device or enclosure within a pre-determined range. The contact configuration, the differential/hysteresis and the tolerances of both the set and reset temperatures can be specified within published parameters. Contacts are available to open or close on temperature rise or [...]

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How do I calculate the resistance of a thermistor?

B or beta value is the thermal exponent of the NTC thermistor, which is defined as the ratio of the difference between the napierian logarithms of the zero power resistance at two temperatures to the difference between the reciprocals of the two temperatures. You can calculate the RT2 using this formula: Here: B = 3380 [...]

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Do your products have agency approvals?

Yes, all Microtherm thermal protectors sold by Cantherm have UL, CSA and VDE approvals along with certifications by other agencies such as BEAB, CB, and others. Since Microtherm is the registered owner of the certifications they will all appear under the name of Microtherm GmbH, a search at the agency in question will list all [...]

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