Automatisation industrielle, médicale, et a haute technologie

Thermostats encapsulés utilisés dans l’industrie électronique.

Fusibles Thermiques

Fusibles thermiques a usage unique non-réutilisable. Faible coût de protection contre la génération anormale de chaleur.

Limiteur de courant d’enclenchement

Thermistor NTC utilisé pour la protection de surcharge de courant. Petite taille avec une fiabilité éprouvée.


Custom probes available with NTC or PTC thermistors encased in various housings. Probes also available with bimetallic thermal switches.

Produit conçu sur demande

Conception technique, ingénierie, et production selon vos spécifications.

Protection thermique/thermostats bimétalliques

Très grande sélection de thermostats bimétalliques a action rapide utilisés pour la protection thermique dans une variété d’applications. Excellent choix de fils, isolations, et boitiers pour rencontrer toutes vos exigences

Thermistors NTC & PTC

Conçu pour la mesure de la température et pour la compensation de la température dans les circuits électroniques.

Thermostat bimétalliques a disque de 1/2”

Thermostats bimétalliques avec capacité de commutation très élevé. Plusieurs choix de montage disponibles.

Thermostats à Hautes Températures

Thermostats allant jusqu’à 400°C. Disponible avec quincaillerie de montage.

Thermostats de contrôle

Thermostats de haute qualité très performant. Utilises pour les applications de contrôle demandant une grande précision et une longue durée de vie.


Over 50 years of experience.

Originally founded and incorporated as Multi-State Devices Ltd. to design and market a unique type of NTC thermistor with avalanche characteristics, now known as the Moxie, the company lacked the resources necessary to flourish and was subsequently sold. Since the acquisition by Microtherm GmbH in 1978, the entire Microtherm thermostat line was taken on and promoted. After several years of distributing the Microtherm thermostats manufactured in Germany, CANTHERM now produces a wide variety of snap-action, temperature limiting, bimetallic thermostats according to Microtherm designs for a wide variety of applications. Devices are available for the thermal protection of electric motors and transformers, medical devices, temperature sensitive electronics, power supplies, or anywhere that heat could become a problem.

Cantherm and Microtherm are geared for a global market with 7 manufacturing plants and an excess of 30 sales offices around the world. With free global trade on the horizon, we are preparing products that will be acceptable anywhere in the world. We presently have agency approvals, under the name of Microtherm GmbH, for all of our products with UL, CSA, VDE, BEAB and several other agencies and also hold CB certificates according to IEC requirements and EN 60730 specification. All Microtherm companies are ISO 9000 accredited and many including Cantherm, have begun or completed the upgrade to ISO 9001-2000.

Cantherm is a self-sufficient, privately held profit center which is part of the Microtherm group manufacturing MIC products using the same German made components which are distributed to all of our factories. Because of this close affiliation we have access to a manufacturing capabilities of the entire group which exceeds 100 million units per year. Should any customer requirement exceed our capabilities, we would be able to draw on the extensive resources and over 50 years of experience within the group for assistance in such disciplines as Engineering and Design, manufacturing of sub-assemblies or finished goods, testing and many more.