Characteristics • Small size, high power, reliable surge current protection. • High material constant (B value), • Low residual resistance • High steady state current, long lasting, high reliability • Convenient for PCB installation, wide operating range Specification Dimensions D15 D20 D25 D30 D35 Chip Dimensions ø 15 [...]

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SDF (15 Amp 250V)

General Our Thermal Cut-Offs (Organic Thermal Element Type) are used to prevent fires caused by abnormal heat generation from circuits and other heat producing electrical products. They are a non-resettable thermal fuse which open electrical contacts when temperatures exceed the specified level. Applications • Electric home appliances and heating devices • Coil-winding products and [...]

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Tf Functioning open temperature. Th Holding temperature: Maximum continuous exposure temperature during operation Tm Maximum overshoot temperature: Above this temperature the TCO might conduct again. All current ratings relate to resistive loads. Thermal Cut-Off 250 Vac MTKF 1A MTTF 1/2A MTYF 4/5A temperature rating (°C) Tf type Th Tm type Th [...]

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Features 1. Unique fuse of 710°C 2. External dimensions are the same for all H101 models. 3. The fuse is housed in a ceramic cylinder case. Ratings & Characteristics Type Fusing preset temperature Switching power supply voltage Switching capacity Dialectric strength (after fusing) Lead wire H101 710°C +/- 10°C Commonly used [...]

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Characteristics • Small Size and fast response • High Power handling capability • Fast response to surge current • High material constant (B value) • Low residual resistance • Wide operating temperature range -55 to +200C • R25 allowable tolerance is ±20% • Long-term Stability and Reliability • UL 1434 File# E241319 • [...]

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PTC Thermistors

Dimensions (mm) YGM1 Single Thermistor with shrunk-sleeve & epoxy seal Type Response Temp. ϑNAT Color Code YGM1 C508 80±5 white-white YGM1 C509 90±5 green-green YGM1 C510 100±5 red-red YGM1 C511 110±5 brown-brown YGM1 C512 120±5 grey-grey YGM1 C513 130±5 blue-blue YGM1 C514 140±5 white-blue YGM1 C545 145±5 white-black YGM1 C515 150±5 black-black [...]

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Dimensions TS3 TS3 B3 TS3 C3 Specifications Type Parameter Temp, (°C) Condition Min. Typ. Max. Units TS3-57 Resistance 35 Heating 35 85 230 k Resistance 57 Heating 1.0 k Resistance 75 Heating 15 45 100 Sensitivity (1) 57 Heating 40 100 % / °C Latching Current (2) - [...]

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Characteristics • Broad range of resistance • Wide choice of B values • Standard tolerances: ±5%, ±10%, ±20% • B Value tolerance: ±5% • Available in all standard R values • Measuring power ≤0.5mW • Dissipation Constant ≥6.0mW/°C • Time Constant of ≤30 seconds • Rated Power: 0.5W • Long-term Stability and Reliability • [...]

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Characteristics • Small Size and fast response and light weight • Available tolerances: ±0.5%, ±1%, ±2%, ±3% and ±5% • B Value tolerances: ±0.5%, ±1.0% and ±2.0% • Resistance calibration available at 37°C ±0.01% (see table for details of grouping) • Long-term Stability and Reliability • Excellent Tolerance and Interchangeability • Available in all [...]

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Chip NTC Thermistor

Characteristics Miniature size No lead Ideal for high density SMT installation Superior solderability and resistance to soldering heat Ideal for wave or reflow soldering Part Numbering CMF B 3950 103 J N T Chip NTC thermistor Size Code B-value (25/85ºC) Resistance at 25ºC (Ω) Tolerance Termination Packaging Code Inches 103 10x103 [...]

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