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Current Sensitive Thermal Protection For Coils / Windings

Thermal Cut-outs/Bimetal Thermostats

These thermal cutouts operate by means of a thermally sensitive bimetal snap-element which switches a double electrical contact when reaching a pre-set response temperature. They can be normally open or normally closed. The electrical current being switched flows through the bimetal element, which therefore gives a combination of temperature and current – sensitivity.

T 10, T 11, T 12, T 21, T22


Single Phase Motors, Generators, Convertors, Transformers, Pumps, Heating Elements, Signal Transmitters, Fire Detectors, Magnets, Relays, Chokes, Coils, Power Supplies, Inverters

Technical Data

ratingsT10A / E

T11A/ E

T12A / ET22AT10B / GT22B 1)
versionnormally closed Cantherm


normally open Cantherm


rated current at 250 V 50/60 Hz (cos 0.95/0.6)2.5 A / 1.6 A6.3 A / 2.5 A20.0 A / 3.0 A2.0 A / 1.6 A3.5 A / 2.0 A
switching cycles under rated current 10,000
max. current under failure condition at 250 V 50/60 Hz (power factor 0.95)10.0 A12.0 A30.0 A10.0 A20.0 A-
switching cycles under max. current3006003001,000
temperature rating Ta (steps in 5 K)(50) 70°C…180°C 2)(50) 70°C…180°C 2)
tolerancesstandard:+/- 5 K
feature of automatic action1.C.M, 2.C2.B, 1.C, 3.C1.B, 2.C
contact resistance ( incl. wire of 100 mm )< 50 mΩ
hysteresis30 K ± 15 K1
dielectric strength ( standard insulation )2 kV
shock- / vibration testing( similar to EN 50155 )400 m/s2sine half wave / 100 m/s2 5 Hz … 2,000 Hz sine
resistances to impregnationtight against ordinary resins and lacquers
degrees of protection provided by enclosures ( EN 60529 )IP00
suitable for use in protection categoryI, II
approvalsVDE / ENECEN 60730-1 / -2-3 6) /-2-9
ULUL 2111 / UL 873 1)
CSA / cULC22.2 No. 77 / C22.2 No. 24 1)
CQCGB14536.1-1998 / GB14536.10-1996 1)
1) details on request
2) T10 max. Ta 160°C
3) approval to EN60730-2-2 up to 180°C
4) T10 available with ± 3K tolerances and smaller hysteresist
5) at the Ta (upper and lower) limits the hysteresis could deviate
6) different power rating

Standard wire ( length 100 ± 10 mm, stripped 6 ± 1 mm )

temp. max.operating
voltage max.
diameter insulationcross section diameter2)UL style
blackACDA150° C300 V1.45 mmAWG243266/
yellowAEDC1.80 mmAWG20
blackAFDA1)2.15 mmAWG18
whiteLFDB200° C600 V1.50 mmAWG183557
blackASDA 3) 150° C300 V1.65 mmAWG203266/3398
whiteDCDB 200° C 300 V1.30 mmAWG24 1180
whiteDEDB1.70 mmAWG20
whiteDFDB2.00 mmAWG18
1)T22 only
2)for T12/T11 AWG20 and for T10 AWG24 is recommended
3)Solid Wire
NOTE: Additional wires available upon request.

Standard insulation

control typencnoCantherm codeillust.drawing dimensions (mm)technicals specificationapprovals1)
T10ABU102 | B

MIC Version Shown

shrink cap
T11,T12AU106 | F
T22ABU107 | G
T10ABU183 | 1cap of PA 4.6

Specific variations

control typencnoCantherm codeillust.drawing dimensions (mm)technicals specificationapprovals
T10ABInsulation 0

type T11, T12 illustrated

no insulated
U112 | L
coated Ta max. 160°CVDE,UL, cUL
T11,T12AWire Type A334 | 6no insulation PCB connector grid dim. 5.08VDE,UL,cUL
T11,T12AInsulation U314 | 4cap of PPS PCB connector grid dim. 5.08VDE,UL,cUL
T11,T12AInsulation U315 | 5cap of PPS PCB connector grid dimension 5.08VDE,UL,cUL
T10ABInsulation U293 | Khousing of PPS pottedVDE,UL, cUL
T10EGHousing G718 | 3potted aluminum housing anodized black M4x6 Ta max. 150°CVDE,UL, cUL
T22ABInsulation 0No insulation pottedVDE,UL,cUL, CSA
T22ABInsulation U112 | Lcoated Ta Max / 60°CVDE,UL,cUL

Heating by current

The characteristic curves are measured with a thermal control without any insulation in an oil bath.
The heating depends on the thermal conduction of the control to the equipment or part which should be protected.

Ordering & Marking Example

Ordering Example [ T11A12005AEDCB0E ]
typenormally closedtemperaturetolerance +/-5°Clead wire UL3398 20 AWGlead length D=4″color yellowinsulation U102housing – nonestrip length .25″
T11A type (T11 nc)

12005 response temperature (120°C), tolerance (± 5K)

112C date of manufacture (Nov. 2012), country (C = Canada)