1/2” Disc Bimetal Cut-outs/Thermostats

Compact bimetal thermostat with high capacity switching cycles. Various mounting possibilities offered.

Control Thermostats

High quality performance thermostat. Used in control applications requiring precision and long life.

Engineered to Order Components

Custom design, engineering, and manufacturing to your specifications.

Heater Protection

Open frame economical thermal protection with up to 10,000 cycles. Options include self-hold and manual reset.

Hi Temp Thermostats

High temperature thermostat up to 430°C. Available with mounting brackets.

Inrush Current Limiters

NTC thermistor used for high power surge current protection. Small size with long life and proven reliability.

Medical, High Tech, Industrial Automation

Encapsulated thermostats used in the electronics industry.

NTC & PTC Thermistors

Designed for temperature measurement and temperature compensation of electronic circuits.


Custom probes available with NTC or PTC thermistors encased in various housings. Probes also available with bimetallic thermal switches.

Thermal Cut-outs/Bimetal Thermostats

Wide selection of snap action bimetal thermostats for thermal protection in a variety of applications.

Thermal Fuses

One time non-resettable thermal fuses. Low cost reliable protection against abnormal heat generation.